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Anonymous: do you think chelsea boots would look good with boyfriend jeans & a loose white tee (think like brandy's baggy tees)? i'm stuck on what accessories to pair with it though

YES so cute i love that casual look

any layered necklaces or delicate, simple jewelry - delicate rings, a thin necklace, ect.

Anonymous: when r u announcing your blog of the day?

i’m a lil shit and haven’t finished going through the notes (i was gone/on mobile all day until 7pm and was exhausted then). i’m actually almost done and i think it’ll be up some time tomorrow! sorry for the wait everyone

Anonymous: Did you make your like title on the computer view? ( the one that says sunrise) i dont know i you know what i meant but anyways, i love it.

no i didn’t! and thank you :) xx

Anonymous: hello, i was just wondering what happened to your polyvore page? I would've loved outfit ideas.

go to my url /tagged/polyvore and you’ll find it! i never updated it so i thought there wasnt any use having the link there


how many eye contact until date


Anonymous: Don't want to make my parents pay that much and feel bad and feel as if they didn't do enough and I don't want to tell my friends I don't want them to think of me different or do things out of pity

but here’s the thing: asking for help and addressing your own needs isn’t selfish. most people who are depressed don’t want to lay that burden on others, but in the end everyone needs someone to talk to, someone they can open up to and trust
your friends and family would want nothing but to help you. your family would not find it too expensive to get you the help you need. it will truly help you. don’t you want to feel what’s its like to wake up one morning and not feel heavy, empty? don’t you want your motivation back? being depressed isn’t fun. it’s terrible, it’s sad. it’s not your fault for feeling the way you do. it can quite possibly be genetic - your family could have a history of depression. if its generic, there’s a chemical imbalance in your head and your not producing as much of the “happy” hormone (I believe it’s called serotonin) as other people are. so, you don’t cope with problems the same way others might. one thing can trigger depression in you while it wouldn’t for someone else. another possibility is that you’ve been through a lot (I’m not sure if that’s true, I don’t know you. if you feel like you’re depressed for no reason than its most likely the first case I described). but if you have been through a lot of tough, sad experiences and that’s why you’re feeling depressed, it’s all the more important to talk to someone
if its chemical, you can get medicine and see if it helps - and it does. if its the latter, talking it out can really help you out
regardless keeping it to yourself won’t address the problems or fix anything. some things are beyond only ourselves and we have to seek help - and that doesn’t make us selfish. there’s a difference between seeking attention and healthily addressing problems - don’t get those two confused!


Anonymous: I think I'm depressed

have you considered seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist maybe? have you told anyone - a friend, parents?


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